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About Aquatik

We're a tech & media engine dedicated to gaming.

Aquatik was founded in 2020 by Neptjun with the support of Horizon Cloud & SkyLink Data Centers. After 25 years of SaaS excellence, the company launched Aquatik to re-invent the gaming space. Now, Aquatik Studios allows the team to connect gamers with new & exciting games all over the world via digital services.

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Your Portal to Launch

Aquatik Studios offers a range of services to development studios along every step of their game's journey. Proprietary technology, skilled on-screen talent, dedicated project managers, and Aquatik's vast gaming community offer unparalleled support every step of the way. Let us launch your video game marketing strategy.

Greater than 6 Months to Launch

  • Content Creation

    • Developer Interviews​

    • Teaser Trailers

  • Digital Services​

    • Streaming API​

    • Data Storage & CDN

  • Revenue Generation​

    • Partnered Streams & Events​

    • Merch Drops

Less than 6 Months to Launch

  • User Acquisition

    • Beta User Facilitation​

    • Feedback Management

    • NDA Distribution

  • Content Creation​

    • Influencer/Creator Previews​

    • Live Streaming

    • Branded Digital Experiences

  • PR​

    • Releases​

    • Partner Acquisition & Management

30 Days to Launch & Post Launch

  • Content Creation

    • Launch Interviews & Trailers

    • Community Streams

  • PR & Events

    • Press Release Creation​

    • Custom Branded Tournaments

    • Launch Parties

  • Revenue Generation Support​

    • Advertising Partners​

    • Merchandise Creation & Hosting

Aquatik's state-of-the-art facility offers

turn-key solutions to studios of any size


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