We Are Aquatik

We're providing Indie & AAA game development studios turnkey solutions to launch their latest games.

Aquatik Studios is part of Aquatik's larger network including Aquatik Esports, Aquatik Records, 7Seas, SkyLink Data Center, & Kontrol Media Services.

Our network allows Aquatik to offer unmatched support to our clients from day 1. Aquatik's grassroot philosophies and culture also allow us to offer services to business of any size ranging from indie startups to AAA production houses.

Aquatik has spared no expense to build a studio from the ground up that puts your next game release on autopilot.

Aquatik's Core Values


Aquatik Studios uses the latest in technology across all of our channels. Our Production Studios, Data Center and Gaming Lounges all help us outclass our competitors.


The Aquatik Team has been dedicated to building unique connections and partnerships to help take our clients to new heights. Industry leading brands help us give our clients unmatched advantages.


The Aquatik Community is always growing and provides our clients with unique and instant access to a large network of gamers, influencers and professional players.

The Core Team

Our Community

The Lifeblood of Aquatik

Our community of over 120 Million active gamers drives Aquatik's growth and offers our clients unparalleled access to the people that matter most, the gamers. 

Our social channels, discord and marketing lists provide us with insights otherwise impossible to gain.

We’d Love to Work With You

If you're  ready to launch your next game with Aquatik. Drop us a line and we'll be in touch.