How does Aquatik Studios Work?

It's easy! Follow these steps and cross "worrying about release" off your list. Our experienced team of specialists takes over and puts your game in the limelight. Our job is making you look awesome, and we like to think we do a really good job. (I mean, you do make it pretty easy!)

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Pick a Plan

Don't worry, our plans are very transparent. Know what you're buying from the start; there will never be hidden fees or startup expenses. What you see is what you get, and trust us, you're going to see a lot. Don't forget our plans are all monthly, but have no contracts and can be cancelled anytime! Ya, we're pretty cool.


Meet Your Specialists

You've paid and you're ready to rock! Our team will reach out within 1 business day with your account access. You'll meet your specialists (data and design), get a tour of the platform, and let us know if you needed any of the legendary add-ons. This is also when you can get rolling requesting beta users, community polls and more! Let's get to know each other.


Submit a Project

This is it! You've made it to the big time. Use our handy form to submit your first project and you're off to the races. Now all you have to do is sit back, plan out your next projects and drop them in the queue. Our team will get to work completing your requests. (The # of projects being worked on at once is based on how many Specialists are in your plan)


Feel Great, Rinse & Repeat

While you're celebrating your great decision you'll see your specialists move your project through various project stages until it reaches the complete stage. You have unlimited revisions so don't worry if you need a change, we're on it. Once your satisfied, we'll start on your next request and you can celebrate again!

Video Game Designers

Let's join forces. You know you want to...

Our Specialists are ready to get your project underway. We like to think we can offer a competitive edge you won't find anywhere else, so let's not make this awkward. It's time to get things rolling!