Kontrol Media Services

KMS is Aquatik's proprietary tech that acts as the backbone of your next launch.

Custom live streaming solutions, CDN services, video conferencing and analytics create an engine that power games through to the finish line. KMS is available whether you're working with us to launch your game or not; we like to share.

The Details

The Data Center

  • Built in the heart of Aquatik's Naples HQ
  • Protected by 30 days of generator power
  • 500 KW of power to handle any need
  • Backup centers located off-site for redundancy


  • Content Delivery Network services via partner networks
  • Custom live streaming solutions and API
  • Proprietary video conferencing built for gaming
  • Analytics and data storage
  • Game and server hosting

The Team

  • Dedicated team of NOC engineers to support each project
  • Development team with years of experience in 3D, web and network infrastructure
  • Leadership team with over 15 years of successful data center operations

We've built an infrastructure to give our clients a unique advantage with the release of their new games.