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Aquatik Launches Aquatik Studios

Bringing games to market is a challenge every development studio has to face as their games near completion. PR firms, production studios, marketing companies, and IT firms standby, waiting to capitalize on their needs, but this leaves a lot to the studios to manage financially and operationally. This is why Florida based technology company Aquatik has launched Aquatik Studios, their newest division dedicated to helping game development studios launch games.

Aquatik and its founder, Andrew "Neptjun" Bouley, have been building popularity over the past year, amassing a following of over half a million gamers and having a reach of just over 120 million. Now, with the right resources, revenue, and reach, Aquatik, along with its parent software and technology company, Horizon Cloud, have brought Aquatik Studios to market. With its 25 years of building and deploying B2B SaaS software via their data center and headquarters in Naples, FL, Horizon Cloud has provided Aquatik Studios with the additional resources to expand its capabilities further.

Over the past year, Aquatik has built solid relationships and ran partnered events in the gaming space with companies such as GIGABYTE, CORSAIR, NortonLifeLock, RESPAWN Products, and Reely.ai. At the same time, the team was hard at work building a facility to support game developers at every step of their games journey. Modern production and broadcast studios, gaming lounges, and a data center optimized for gaming and content delivery are the showpieces for what the facility has to offer. This facility, combined with their network, are the cornerstones of their newest offering with Aquatik Studios.

Over the past six months, Andrew and Aquatik's VP of Growth, Matt Dolan, have met with indie developers and industry experts to develop the vision of Aquatik Studios and define the value they can add to game development studios.

"The story we kept being told was that development studios had to seek out multiple companies to bring a game to market, while they would prefer to work with one partner who handles all the minutia while they focus on their game," says Andrew Bouley, "So when building Aquatik Studios, we made sure we had all their bases covered and then some."

Aquatik Studios is being led by Aquatik's Director of Growth, Sarah DeToma, and is now available to development studios of every size. Services range from on-screen talent to influencer management, beta user acquisition, NDA facilitation, public relations, and even technical development and deployment services via their proprietary tech solution Kontrol Media Services. KMS is Aquatik Studios' secret weapon, allowing them to deploy gaming-related content for their clients with little to no setup.

Aquatik Studios has hit the ground running, launching with a new multi-million dollar contract to bring an upcoming mobile game to market. With no client caps, the studio is readily available.

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